How the Egg collection came about, when I was a kid at school, we would have to take our lunch box as there were no kitchen or cooking facilities. When the dinner bell rang, we would all sit on the floor to eat our lunch.

Almost every day I had a fried egg on rice, the other kids would say, ‘Ta fried egg again, you will start looking like a fried egg’. 

I pleaded with my sister to have something different, but we had many chickens and many eggs, so it was always fried egg on rice.

Now my Egg are hanging on walls all over the world.

Egg girl on a windy day
Egg lady in red on a windy day
The original Egg Lady
Egg boy in a blue cap
Egg girl with her dog
Egg flowers in red vase
Large egg flowers
Egg flowers in blue vase
My Eggs
My Eggs on a wall
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