Egg girls riding a bike (2023)

19.7x15.8 in ~ Painting, Oil

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How my Eggs came about.
I wanted something to change my world, a painting that would make that happen. I wanted something I’d never seen before in the art world. I used to sit for hours late at night thinking about what to paint that would make that change.

It was Egg lady wearing a scarf that made that change.

I used to fry eggs every day for my husband, and one day thought that would make a nice face. And I remembered my school days; when I was a kid at school, we would have to take our lunch box as there were no kitchen or cooking facilities. When the dinner bell rang, we would all sit on the floor to eat our lunch.

Almost every day, I had a fried egg on rice, and the other kids would say, ‘Ta fried egg again, you will start looking like a fried egg’.

I pleaded with my sister to have something different, but we had many chickens and many eggs, so it was always fried egg on rice.

When my husband first saw Egg Lady, he said Ta, you’ve gone mad nobody will buy that, later that morning, I put it on sale, and it sold within 10 minutes, and I could have sold it ten times more.


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