The Boss in deep thought (2020)

25.6x21.7x1.6 in ~ Painting, Oil

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When I was a kid growing up in rural Thailand, we were surrounded by monkeys, on a Friday we kids would go to the Temple and clean up after them. There would be hundreds of them running trying to beg food off you, and if you had any food with you, they would be doing their best to get it off you. There were some real characters among them, and I often think of them when I’m painting my monkeys and try to capture some of that character.
don't live in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Malibu Beach, New York, Nice, Paris, Rome Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Zurich, or Taiwan. But I've sent my work there. In fact, I've now sent my work to 48 countries.


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