Monks. (2018)

47.2x39.4x1.6 in ~ Painting, Oil

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The Monks do much good work here in Thailand, and if you ever come to Thailand call in at a temple, you would be made very welcome.

Sometimes when I am really busy and my head is full of ideas, bouncing round trying to get out, I like to take a deep breath and stand back, it is these times I like to paint or draw my Monks, it calms me helps, me to relax. I find it very tranquil, peaceful and it takes me back to a time I lived in a Temple.

It was a very rural Temple with part of it built into a mountainside and I enjoyed the peacefulness of the place but I decided it wasn’t the life for me.

When I was there, it was the rainy season, and very early before dawn, the monks would go walking for alms collecting food and bringing it back to the temple where it would be shared with whoever was there. Which now in this time of madness even more important.


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