Goddess & Swan flying from the moon (2019) Sold

35.4x59.1x1.6 in ~ Painting, Oil

Some time ago I read the Thai edition of Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova which was fascinating and thought it would be a great idea for my Goddess collection. Since then I have painted a lot of Goddesses and they are hanging on walls round the world.

Here the Goddess is dreaming of her lover, Zeus the most powerful of the Greek gods, he comes to her in the form of a swan. I wanted the painting to appear as a dream, as if you were looking at someone having a dream and to wonder what is happening, is that really a swan coming to take her or is it all just a dream.

I wanted The Goddess flying from the moon to make a statement, I wanted it very colourful with rich blues and yellows, I wanted the painting to look stunning hanging on a wall with the right lighting. I looked to Botticelli for inspiration I just love his use of colours.


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