Flying Egg Girl (2019)

39.4x47.2x1.6 in ~ Painting, Oil

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The client who bought ‘Flying Egg Girl in Blue’ just told me that she loves the work. She further said hat the colours are beautiful and that the painting's unique style brightens up her space. She asked me to thank you. 

Love You, some years ago now I painted the original Egg lady, I was working on it till late at night and my partner had long gone to bed. When he saw it he said nobody is going to buy that, it was sold very soon after going on sale.

Since then I have painted many many Eggs in all shapes and sizes, I’ve had loads of commissions of sons, daughters, cats dogs, and they are hanging on walls all over the world. And I will never stop painting my Eggs I love them all.

How my Egg collection came about, when I was a kid at school we would have to take our lunch box to school as there was no kitchen or cooking facilities, when the dinner bell would ring we would all sit on the floor to eat our lunch.

Almost every day I had a fried egg on rice,(we had lots of chickens) the other kids would say, ‘Ta, fried egg again you'll begin to start looking like a fried egg’.

One day I was frying an egg and thought that would make a great face…Now my Eggs are hanging on walls all over the world


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