Conspirators perturbed (2019) Sold

39.4x55.1x1.6 in ~ Painting, Oil

Painted mostly with a palette knife.

For my conspirators I want a group of men and women who are always up to something, always plotting, looking for a deal. I want a desperado feel to it, moody as if they have something to hide, I want them anxious so you get those staring menacing eyes.

I want my paintings to have character to tell a story but without words as if using mime, to be dramatic, emotional, sometimes theatrical but always with feelings and always special.

I have sent my work to over 38 countries and to some great landmarks such as Berkeley Square in London’s Mayfair, 5th Ave New York, Malibu beach in California, Hong Kong, Monaco, Monte Carlo and Singapore.

One of my best collectors is in Amsterdam, which is not short of great artists or galleries, and the latest country to add to the list is Kazakhstan.


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